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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

How does Thermage work?

A handpiece with a smooth, flat tip delivers radiofrequency energy which heats the deep, collagen-rich layers of your skin. The heat helps stimulate the formation of new collagen over time, which can tighten as well as improve the smoothness and texture of the skin's surface.

How does Fraxel work?

The Fraxel laser treatment uses patented fractional laser technology to target damaged skin with microscopic laser columns that penetrate deep into the skin. The laser treats only a fraction of the tissue at a time, leaving the surrounding tissue intact, which promotes rapid healing. This stimulates your body's own natural healing process, replacing the old and damaged cells with fresh, glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Can Thermage and Fraxel treatment be done on the same day?

Both procedures are compatible with each other, but for further information discuss your procedures with your doctor.

Does the Thermage treatment hurt?

The procedure is carefully monitored by your doctor. Although through the process of your Thermage treatment you'll feel a brief cooling sensation, followed by a deep but brief heating sensation, followed by another cooling sensation. Throughout your procedure your physician will ask for feedback on the level of heat sensation to help balance your comfort with maximum results.

Does the Fraxel treatment hurt?

The procedure is carefully monitored by your doctor. Most patients describe an increased sensation of heat during the treatment. We will apply a topical anesthetic ointment before procedure, which will help minimize any discomfort during treatment.

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