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Caring Medical Professionals


Dr.Gregory Aronshtam

General Practitioner Specializing in Aesthetics

Dr.Aronshtam, founder and owner of BroadCare Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic comes with many years of experience in several health institutions across the country. Dr.Aronshtam understands the importance of quality care, evolution of science, only uses top of the line aesthetic devices and dedication to safety and results. With an extensive knowledge in this industry, you can feel excited and confident about Dr.Aronshtam's expertise.

Pink Uniform Doctor


Laser Technician

After a long career in many roles throughout the aesthetic industry, BroadCare Medical Aesthetic Laser Clinic was thrilled to welcome Kristine to the team. As Head Laser Technician, she's worked with and supported countless clients in aesthetic treatments specialized in Facial Aesthetics.

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